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Well, now that it is finally 2014, JDM cars from 1989 can now be legally imported into the US! The most anticipated one out there of course is most likely the R32 Nissan Skyline. Of course, we probably won’t be seeing a whole lot out on the streets because of all the regulations, fees, and stipulations we’d still have to go through with US Customs and the DOT. We’re pretty damn close to being able to import cars from the 1990s now, which is by far my favorite era of Japanese sports and luxury cars.

First generation of the modern day Nissan Skyline GT-R
R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Anyways, if you are interested in seriously looking into getting one of these bad boys over in the states, or any other Japanese car from 1989 and earlier, I found a website full of information and a nice selection of stock as well at www.Japan-Partner.com


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Junction Produce VIP Parts

For most VIP Car enthusiasts out there, Junction Produce is more than just a name. It represents the Holy Grail of styling parts and accessories to our unique culture of automobiles.

Something that frustrates me when I visit other unnamed websites who focus on the VIP scene, is seeing tons of advertisements for VIP Car parts and the websites have been long gone for years. What I’m going to share with you is the very few importers who are selling authentic Junction Produce parts and accessories in the United States.

Don’t be fooled by the eBay imitations either, if the pricing looks to good to be true, it’s a fake. Some of the most faked eBay items I see are Junction Produce Fusas, Tsunas, Cushions, and Neckpads. My suggestions: if you are looking for any authentic parts from any of the main VIP brands, stay clear of eBay. That goes for all brands including Aimgain, Sessions, Junction Produce, Garson/D.A.D., K-Break, Admiration, and others.

Here is a small list I’ve compiled of real suppliers selling authentic parts in the US:

The list of reputable dealers is small for us in the US market, but the four listed above have been around for some years, and keep most parts in stock, but can import when necessary. If you have been in the market for parts for your JDM VIP Car project but didn’t know where to start looking for parts, I hope this helped you out.

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Two Super-Clean Toyota Celsiors / Lexus LS430s, One Black, One White

Any Toyota Celsior or Lexus LS fans out there? You’ll love both of these, one black and one white; both clean to perfection. I love how the black one is another one of those cars that looks almost too clean to be a real car. Fresh out of the car wash too :) What do you guys think?

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Clean black Toyota Celsior or Lexus LS430 depending on where you're at
Another one of those cars that looks almost too good to be real. Check out this black Toyota Celsior / Lexus LS430
A crisp white Toyota Celsior or Lexus LS430 depending on where you're at
A clean example of a VIP Toyota Celsior / Lexus LS430.

Clean Nissan Gloria / Infiniti M (Y34)

The Infiniti M Coupe or Y34 Nissan Gloria is one of my favorite VIP style platforms. You also don’t really see a whole lot of them out there as it is, and it is even more difficult to come by one that is done up just right. Here is a great example of a clean Y34 coming right out of the Aloha state.

VIP Nissan Gloria / Infiniti M
My favorite VIP platform, and one of the cleanest ones I’ve seen!
VIP Nissan Gloria / Infiniti M Coupe (Y34)
Such a flush stance on this Nissan Gloria / Infiniti M. These are tough to find done just right but this one is a prime example

VIP Pic OTD – Junction Produce Lexus’ – June 14, 2013

Junction Produce Lexus LS400 and Lexus GS300

Matching pair of Junction Produce Lexus': LS400 and GS300
A matching pair of Junction Produce Lexus LS 400 and GS 300

A nice pair of Lexus VIP cars, both sporting Junction Produce kits and wheels. A Lexus LS 400 (Toyota Celsior) and Lexus GS 300 (Toyota Aristo) both simple but extremely clean.

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Wekfest San Francisco – July 27, 2013

Wekfest San Francisco 2013


Wekfest is one of the hottest import car shows, and their next event will take place at the San Jose Convention Center on July 27, 2013. You can get your tickets by clicking on either one of the flyers below. The San Jose Convention Center offers a huge amount of space, with two exhibits combined being over 80,000 square feet. If you act fast, you can still get your VIP pre-sale tickets by visiting the website. Visit www.Wekfest.com for all the details and information for future shows. Continue reading Wekfest San Francisco – July 27, 2013